Patio Doors

There are different types of glass that is used to cover equally different structures. When it comes to doors we are going to be setting them up in a frame that can be moved around quite a bit. Whether we are talking about sliding doors or not. When we are dealing with regular open and shut doors we want to make sure that if shut the door hard it is not going to break into a million pieces. To do that there are a couple of things that we are going to take care of exceptionally well.

UV Ray Protection

This is usually not something that people think about until they realize that the door is a little too big and there is a lot of sunlight coming through. This can be an issue with any type of window that we are going to be setting up. The reason that we want to cover the issue on this page is that doors are going to be literally right in your line of sight and it can really be a problem if they let too much light through. We want to help you avoid this particular issue altogether.

Door Frames

Not every single door frame that you are going to be able to find under the sun is going to be perfectly suited to house a glass door. Finding a frame then having us adapt to it is an option if you found something that you really liked. That being said, we are usually going to be able to put forth our best work when we are able to be involved in pretty much every step of the process. If you want to build a patio door that is mainly made of glass you can give us a call and we will help you every step of the way!

Get A Good Deal On A Door

A problem that we commonly see arise with these types of windows is that people will look for a bargain deal, and end up making a bad purchase. That is usually because they are looking in places that happen to have very limited shopping options. That is not going to be the case with us. We have great relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the world. This allows us to have all of their designs and materials at our disposal. So that we can offer you a great door at a very decent price. It is just a win-win for you!

Resistant Doors

Even though these doors are usually going to look not as grand as a front door or anything like that we can’t forget that their main purpose is to keep people out. Again, we are not going to want just anyone being able to come in by throwing rocks at your door. We are going to be building these doors with high-quality resistant materials. So that you can feel safe at all times!


​*Minimum of 3 windows for our replacement services 

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