New Construction Windows Installation

When you are building any new home or structure chances are you are going to need to install many windows on different parts of the property. We can probably all agree that going to your home improvement store and actually buying all of the windows that you need and double-checking all of the shapes and sizes that you need is not something overly practical. You really don’t have to do that. All that you are going to need to do is give us a call and we will actually come to you to figure out what you need.

Not All Windows Are The Same

We are not just talking about shapes and sizes as we have talked about in other areas of the site. There are actually windows of different qualities. What tends to vary is the natural tint that they are going to come with how much they are going to be able to protect from UV rays. There are many different manufacturers that all believe their windows are the best! We probably should not say this, but we do have our go-to manufacturers there are several that we work with though. We are not just going to be shoving one your way all the time. That said we can provide different prices on the same windows to give you more control over the experience.

When Is It A Good Time To Set Up The Windows?

If it was up to us we would say that setting the windows in a construction would be one of the last things that we are going to want to do. That is mainly because we would not want them to be broken or cause any accidents on an active construction site. It is more common for them to be scratched and develop issues just because of the natural movement that goes on in a construction site. That being said some construction companies may want them set up a little earlier to protect some of the interiors from dust and other naturally occurring circumstances.

Window Frames Galore

If we are honest about it when you look at a window and you kind of notice that it happens to be unique or it looks good however it is set up this is usually something that you notice thanks to the frame. Obviously, if the window is overly dirty than that is also something that catches your eye, but that is not something that we are going to cover right here. Since we happen to work with the top window manufacturers we can get you all sorts of frames so that you can have that perfect looking window that literally turns heads!

Safety First

More and more people are looking to install windows that you will not be able to break so easily for safety reasons. Installing these types of windows during the construction period can also be a great idea. You are going to be protecting the construction site as well as the home itself!


​*Minimum of 3 windows for our replacement services 

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