Apartment Window Replacement

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Over the years we have had plenty of clients that ask us whether or not we can help them with their windows even though they happen to live in apartment buildings. The answer is always going to be yes. Although there are certainly a lot of similarities that we could point to between working in an apartment building or just working in a normal home there are also things that are going to be unique. This page is pretty much going to be focused on some of these aspects that we are going to need to cover specifically for apartment buildings!

Do You Have A Say In The Matter?

One of the main issues that we face in working within apartment buildings is how much say do owners actually have. A lot of times outward-facing glass is a major part of the entire look of the building. So you are not going to be able to just replace it whenever you want. Apartment buildings are very strict when it comes to that. They are certainly a lot tougher than most homeowners associations. Our advice is that you make sure that you have certain jurisdiction over the window before you give us a call.

Most Of The Work Is Done From The Inside

There are times where people have confessed to us that they did not want to want to make the call to us because they believed the process would be overly expensive. You know because we would have to hang from 30 stories in the air to get the job done. Which, makes changing a window an overly expensive affair. That is not necessarily true most of the work that we are going to be able to do can be done from the inside out. Not as dangerous as one may think!

We Can Get To The Hard To Reach Places

We have pretty much been avoiding this the whole page. We just want to clear things up. Although most of the work can be done from the inside if we need to work from the outside we can certainly do so. Obviously, if you happen to live in a 20 plus story building we would fully appreciate it if you gave us a heads up. That way we may adjust our prepare accordingly. For the most part, though this is a non-factor for us. We are going to be able to help out no problem!

The Window You Chose May Say A lot About You

Apartment buildings’ exterior says a lot about the building itself. If you want your apartment to look the part you may want to choose a window that is going to portray what you are trying to get through. We can help by providing a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Even be able to fully adapt your choice to fit your particular window needs! If that sounds interesting to you be sure to give us a call or contact us!


​*Minimum of 3 windows for our replacement services 

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